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25 May 2015


new Dust Bunnies song "You Know It All When You're Young"

Jesus was an only son
And happiness is a warm gun
Evolution is for the dumb
You know it all when you're young

You know it all when you're young
You know it all when you're young
So don't regret what you've done
You know it all when you're young

Try not to think of what came before
Nostalgia is madness
Believe in yourself, you've got no one else to believe in

15 May 2015


New Music New Video Art

"Listerine" is inspired by all of the medieval books I have been reading I wanted to do something in the style of Syd Barrett or some other medieval dreamy psychedelia. It doesn't rock but I hope it's dreamy enough of a way to spend a few minutes.

Tonight I have a few videos in a show at the Eyedrum, so if you are in Atlanta and want to see some cool stuff, check it out!


01 May 2015


Konami Ambient Remix

Castlevania, Metal Gear, Contra

12 April 2015


new Dust Bunnies sounds like early Talking Heads

Just wrote this song, which I started last night at around midnight. I improvised a lead bass and overdubbed some angular guitars on top, with a drum loop that has a Northern Soul style beat that I like to use a lot. I wanted the recording to sound very clean, like some minimal 70s punk records. The words are taken from a book called "Invisible Residents", which is about underwater UFOs. There is a history of people on ships recording sightings of strange lights, sometimes hovering in one spot in the water, sometimes rising up out of it, like a globe, and flying away. The cover and title of the book is very evocative and mysterious. The cover almost looks like a psychedelic album cover, some blue-tint image of coral reef outcropping at a strange angle.

As always, my music is available for download from bandcamp for free, but feel free to donate if you wish!

30 March 2015


"Hahahah Are You Okay?"

29 March 2015


I Am Making A Videogame

It's going to be psychedelic a cross between Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Harry Smith's Heaven and Earth Magic.

22 March 2015


Atlanta Garage Punk Lofi Archives of the Mid 2000s

I have been going through my archives, which includes many recordings by band I either produced, played in, or both. Today I've uploaded several compilations to youtube. Vietkings was a one-off garage band started by teenage girls as a summer 2008 going-away band (Lauren was moving to Sweden). We were surprisingly successful in that short period of time, playing a number of local shows and recording three songs for a single on Die Slaughterhaus. The previous summer we recorded a conceptual 7" called The Grown-Ups, which was a sort of Kiwis/K Holes/Black Lips/Deerhunter supergroup with Andrew, Adam, Jack and Julie. Lastly there is the complete set of Psychic Vampires, the halloween punk trio cobbled together to annihilate the crowd at one of the biggest disasters of a show I have ever set up in my life. I was trying to set up a big Halloween show, like we used to have back in the day, and bands kept signing on and then dropping out. Luckily the unwavering rock energy of Paul Harper and Joey Comonte got us through this once-in-a-lifetime set at the veritable Wonder Root. We rocked the hell out of that show!


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