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03 December 2009


The Dust Bunnies

The Dust Bunnies are an alternate universe band. It harkens back to the late 19th century, back before there was recorded music, and the only way to hear a song was to hear someone play it. Universal/BMG never existed to tell people they couldn't play someone's song without giving money to a corporation that owned the copyright. Imagine recorded music never existed past piano rolls, but that nevertheless the same wonderful songwriters of the 50s and 60s wrote the same songs. Only instead of using electric guitars they used electric orchestras. This is somewhere near the feeling I am reaching for with these Dust Bunnies performances and the below recordings:

All My Loving
Dream Lover
Da Doo Ron Ron
Falling in Love Again
Sunday Morning

Up there you can see/hear a Dust Bunnies version of "Dream Lover", which includes samples of Jesus and Mary Chain, The Paris Sisters, and Kenneth Anger's "Kustom Kar Kommandos". The whole song is basically a Kenneth Anger/Paris Sisters tribute/ripoff because I completely love that arrangement and I only wish I could have gotten a better harpsichord sound. In my version there is theremin playing with a soaring 8-bar break between verses that Bradford came up with when we played a Wet Dreams show at the old Rob's House three or four years ago.

I also recorded a wonderfully trippy version of "Silent Night Holy Night". I played this song on theremin ten years ago at my first ever live performances under the name The Ralph Nader Audio Circus, and then covered it on my 8-Bit Christmas CD in 2001. That recording will be available here in a few days.

Tonight I'm playing my first show at 529, which has a pretty good sound system and fun stage lights so it should be quite suitable for a Dust Bunnies performance. It's with A Sunny Day in Glasgow and Lyonnais. Farbod and Farzad from Lyonnais has been working on the first Dust Bunnies 7" release for his label Geographic North. They design the beautiful minimalist artwork for each release.

I've been recording some new tracks for the show too, and I am really really excited about them. In the past I always tracked in Internet Audio Mix and did post production in CoolEdit, which is my favorite old-school sound editing program of all time. In the past year I've been learning Ableton Live so with these new recordings I have found a way to get higher quality sound but still have it drenched in noise.


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