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20 September 2011


Mona Lisa (Atlas Sound cover)

Below is a cover of a song on the new Atlas Sound record Parrallax. I haven't heard the record, but I did hear Bradford's amazing Bedroom Databank series, which has a home demo. Some spooky theremin, drone organ, and "Pretty Woman" handclaps in this. Brian Eno percussion setup.

Adam Bruneau "Mona Lisa (Atlas Sound cover)".

Hi there
I'm a Deerhunter/Atlas Sound fan from Australia, and I just wanted to say this cover is amazing. I think I like it more than the Bedroom Databank versions. Good job on the extremely intelligent arrangement + keep em comin'
from Luke
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WEll I haven't still hear it but I'd like to listen it because I like to listen new things an according to some responses in here this album is so good, thanks for the good information.
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